The New NATSO Connect Experience

Major changes in technology and consumer demand are shaking up the retail industry–and not in a good way. Even though the economy has recovered from the Great Recession, retailers are filing for bankruptcy at the same rate as they did in 2009, and a record number of stores are closing.

Just as our members are adapting the way they do business, we are reinventing The NATSO Show. We are redesigning every element of our annual meeting, from the trade show to the keynotes to the name, with a single goal in mind: to create an event that will enable our members to not just survive but thrive amidst ongoing disruption.

Details will be begin emerging shortly. But this we know, for sure — At NATSO Connect, hundreds of innovative, senior truckstop operators and industry partners will come together to connect. For two-and-a-half days, this collaborative group will share insights and best practices in order to convert ideas into action and re-invent how truckstops do business.

This highly-focused event will combine exclusive, executive briefings with opportunities for you to gain specific guidance on how to succeed by speaking directly with experienced operators and vendor partners. NATSO Connect lets you problem-solve with key industry suppliers and your peers so you can grow your business.

Want to be a part of something special that keeps your business ahead-of-the-curve?

What will NATSO Connect Focus on This Year?

NATSO Connect will deliver the connections truckstops need to adapt the way they do business in order to thrive amidst ongoing disruption and increased competition.
You will experience:

Executive briefings from experts inside and outside the industry

Hand-selected vendors showcasing their new and proven products

Peer-to-peer discussions to brainstorm how to apply national retail trends within travel plazas’ unique realities

Collaborative problem-solving sessions geared toward growing your business

Time to continue conservations from group settings into one-on-one meetings so you can take the conversations to the next level.

  • An all-star peer network to call on for advice and solutions year round.

  • Comprehensive insights into growing your truckstop business.

  • Next steps and contacts to begin implementing road-tested ideas so you can win with today’s on-the-go consumers.

  • Fun memories are guaranteed. Plus, you may also find an appreciation for country music, a love of Goo Goo Clusters and plenty of new friends.

Vendor Partners: Exhibit and sponsorship sales will be open shortly. Get on the list to know more as soon as it is available here.