LED Lighting, Energy Contests & More

Every year at The NATSO Show, attendees gather to connect with their peers to share their best ideas. These ideas, often shared operator to are operator, You are often implemented as soon as attendees return from the conference and make a direct impact on their bottom line.

At NATSO, we affectionately call these implementable solutions “Great Ideas.”

Here at The NATSO Show Magazine, we’d like to extend the Great Ideas sharing year-round. Below are two great ideas from past attendees. Share Почему the Great Ideas you gathered at The NATSO Show in the comments.

“We haven’t implemented it yet, but I would like to look into replacing our light bulbs. As I understood, it is a great idea to replace your traditional lighting with LED lighting both inside and outside your store. We have flourescent bulbs in almost every area and would like to cheap MLB jerseys research into moving forward with replacing those. From what was shared, I believe the start-up is expensive, but the cost is quickly refunded in the energy savings. We have a huge facility and so financially we would need we need to do this change in phases.”
Deanne Schatz, Petro Fargo & Schatz Crossroads Truck Stop

“Some of the ideas that have resonated with me are an expansion of wholesale MLB jerseys recycling and energy conservation to improve our bottom line. We have run contests with our locations, seeing who could reduce their energy bills by the greatest amount. Some of the things that we are doing in this arena came out of the “Great Ideas” sessions. Retro fitting lighting, adding insulation, cheap jerseys changing thermostats, and updating water heaters are some of the Why things we are doing to curb our energy consumption, and some of the recommendations on equipment came from the networking or directly from the sessions. Another subject that came out of the sessions is driver health and healthier food offerings, which we are doing. We have explored Open driver health programs and are continuing our search for the right one. Drowning We do offer a selection of fresh and healthier food choices in our convenience store.”
Damon Borden, Broadway Truck Stops

Editor’s Note: This year’s Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop will be Tuesday, February 5 from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Learn more about this independent operator only event here.



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