Network and Connect at The NATSO Show

The NATSO Show is the perfect place to Registration meet people and spark new ideas. Conversations can lead to new opportunities and provide resources that you can turn to year after year.

Sean Flynn, Flynn’s Truck Plaza, told The NATSO Show Magazine nearly everyone he knows in the industry has been either someone he met at The NATSO Show or someone he finally connected with in person at the show.

“The amount of industry knowledge at the show is astounding, and everyone I have ever spoken with has always Live been quick to offer advice or help. I have learned about the industry and made good friends through connecting with other operators and vendors,” Flynn said. “I have personally called people who I met at the show to ask about a new cheap mlb jerseys product or service that they had mentioned, and I have been contacted about things that I had talked about.”

Devising a plan can help you make the most of the networking opportunities that abound at The NATSO Show. Before you go, review the list of attendees and jot down the people you want to meet. Once you know which connections you’d like to make, don’t leave the meetings to chance. Seek out the people on once you arrive at the show, or, connect before the show via social media or a quick email.

Branch out and avoid spending all of your time with cheap nba jerseys people you already know. Whether it is on the show floor or at an attendee dinner, introduce yourself to everyone you meet.

Chet Reilly, Broadway Flying J, said he purposely separates from his co-workers when he attends The NATSO Show. “You have to push yourself and get a Ceiling little uncomfortable,” Reilly said. “I make it a point to go and sit at a table that has a lot of strangers at it. It takes you out of your comfort zone, but it gives you an opportunity to meet somebody else, find out Lighting, what makes them tick, and what’s going on at their business in comparison to what is going on at your business.”

Inspiring connections can happen anywhere, so attend every event the show offers. “The learning and connecting happens both on the floor of the show and the sponsored events, but also in the hotel lobbies, hallways and bars,” Flynn said.

To foster new relationships, distribute your own business cards and organize the cards you receive. On the back of the cards you receive, write down some of the ideas you and your colleague shared and how you plan to follow up.

“You have to be proactive. It doesn’t just happen. You can buy your plane ticket and leave home and show up, but you don’t automatically get new ideas,” Reilly said.

With email and social media, communicating and building relationships throughout the year is easier than ever. If you haven’t already joined in the conversation on The NATSO Show’s Facebook page or Twitter account, cheap jerseys do so today at or @NATSO_Inc.

Editor’s Note: The NATSO Show offers the best networking opportunities travel plaza and truckstop operators will find all year. See the full list of networking opportunities at The NATSO Show here.


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