Attendees Discover Top-Selling Products & Valuable Services at The NATSO Show

Every year, thousands of products and new service VOORJAAR!! providers are on display on the floor of The NATSO Show. Past attendees told NATSO jerseys they’ve walked away with top-selling Лондоне products that generated new revenue and new service providers that saved them money.

Nick Wollenman, Deluxe Truck Stop, has had success with the Truck-n-Fresh product, which he first found at The NATSO Show. The professional grade, Zander odor removal spray has become Connect a top seller. “We started with a light order and continue to sell it like crazy, doubling and even tripling orders since our first order was placed,” Wollenman said.

For years Sean Flynn, Flynn’s Truck Plaza, has carried Movies U Buy, which he first found at The NATSO Show. “They were the first pre-priced/bar coded, low-cost, pre-owned DVDs I saw. I ordered a dump bin of low-priced DVDs and they sell very well,” he said.

Robin Puthusseril, Greater Chicago I-55, said she frequently finds new products at the show. “I’ve found so many but the most memorable were usually novelty items like life size rag dolls, mini LED flashlights, and pickled quail eggs,” she said.

Puthusseril has also found valuable service providers, such as PRS—a company that has been providing management Behind and marketing reports directly to truckstops and travel plazas since 1993. “Their monthly reports take away all the guess work and help me strategize and focus on who my fueling customers are,” she said.

Flynn began Lighting, using Fiscal Systems as his point-of-sale provider after discovering them at The NATSO Show. He now uses them to process fuel and c-store sales and installed their outside payment terminals, which Flynn said has sped up his fueling lanes. chicagobearsjerseyspop “They were also able to adapt the POS code to handle certain things like my proprietary in-house fuel card,” he Westin said, adding that he has been impressed with the customer service he receives. “I am not just a location code with Fiscal, and they are willing to do things for my site that a larger company would not do.”

To ensure they make the most of her time on the show floor, NATSO members said they prepare for the event ahead of time.

Puthusseril said she collects and reviews all the vendor flyers and emails she receives prior to the show “and makes it a point to see those specific vendors at the show.”

Tristen Griffith, Sacramento 49er, said, “I speak to each manager to see if he or she needs anything specific for his or her department. I also review my company’s current environment and look for potential opportunities. I take notes on this and hope to find better solutions,” she said.

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