What Great Idea Led to Further Research?

Every year at The NATSO Show, attendees gather to connect with their peers to share their best ideas. These ideas, often shared operator to operator, are often implemented as soon as attendees return from the conference and make a direct impact on their bottom line.

At NATSO, we affectionately call these implementable solutions “Great Ideas.”

Here at The NATSO Show Magazine, we’d like to extend the Great Ideas sharing year-round. This month, Robin Puthusseril, Greater Chicago I-55, partook in a Q & A on the Great Ideas she’s gathered in the past at The NATSO Show.

Q: What great idea learned at The NATSO Show were you able to implement immediately after returning from the conference?
A: “Marketing products better based on clientele”

Q: What great idea learned at The NATSO Show made a direct impact on your bottomline?
A: “Recycling: cardboard and boxes”

Q: What great idea led you to do further research when you returned from The NATSO Show?
A: “Bulk DEF at the pump”

Q: What was the most surprising great idea you picked up at The NATSO Show?
A: “Recycling Restaurant Food Waste to make farming compost”

Q: What great idea learned at The NATSO Show led to creating a new program at your location?
A: “Selling DEF at the pump”

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