A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Future of Fuel Presentation

In February the National Petroleum Council will present its findings from a two-year study on the future of fuels publicly for the first time at The NATSO Show. During the presentation, attendees will be able to sit back and take in the wealth of information the session is sure to provide, but what does it take to pull together this type of presentation? Countless hours of behind-the-scenes preparations.

Finding key speakers starts with The NATSO Show Advisory Council, who identifies the top issues facing the industry and the educational sessions that can better prepare operators for the future. Next, NATSO staff gets the ball rolling by reaching out to cutting-edge thought leaders. Then, as in the case of the Future of Fuel session, NATSO staff, truckstop and travel plaza operators and the key speakers take part in regular planning phone calls to shape the session and ensure operators walk away with the information that will matter most.

Adding to the excitement of the Future of Fuels session and the need for ongoing communication between the presenters and NATSO is the fact that this will be the first time that this presentation with its detailed description of heavy-trucking fuel findings will be presented. These slides haven’t been shown to a public audience and won’t be before The NATSO Show.

This two-year study grew out of a request from the U.S. Secretary of Energy. The study team included over 300 participants, comprising leading academics, engineering experts, and industry executives in the vehicles and fuels industries. The result is a long-term view of transportation fuel use scenarios in the U.S., combining the full breadth of alternative-fuel options alongside traditional diesel and gasoline. By attending the session, operators will get a first-hand look at emerging fuel alternatives, including natural gas, plug-in electric power, hydrogen, biodiesel, and gasoline and ethanol blends.

Do you have thoughts on what you’d like to get out of the session? Let us know by contacting Darren Schulte at (703) 739-8562 or dschulte@natso.com.

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