Make the Most of The NATSO Show


Attending The NATSO Show is an investment, and NATSO wants to help you make the most of it. Follow these quick tips to take full advantage of all the show has to offer.

Identify Your Goals
Think of why you’re attending The NATSO Show and what you hope to gain during the conference. Going into an event with clear goals can help you better accomplish them. For example, knowing your goals can help you decide which sessions to attend and what exhibitors you want to meet. Other goals might include connecting with other independent operators or brainstorming a new solution to an old problem with experts in the Human Library.

Create A Strategy
Once you’ve identified your top goals, review the show schedule and note the educational sessions and networking events you want to attend. Google the speakers and take a look at their websites or blogs. Keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind when determining the sessions you’ll attend. The NATSO Show offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for people at every level within the industry, so you may want to consider attending sessions that cover topics you’re less familiar with.

Also look at the exhibitor list and mark the booths you plan to visit. Check out their websites and identify which companies you’d like to connect with during the show. Talk with your managers and front-line employees to learn more about the products and solutions they’d like to see at the location. By determining the business value of each exhibitor meeting, you can prioritize which booths you plan to visit first.

Connect With Other Attendees
Part of the value of a conference is the ability to meet with peers and experts face to face. In addition to meeting up with the people already know, consider making it a point to make new connections. No matter what you do, don’t spend your downtime in your hotel room. Lounge near the show floor or in common areas where you’ll have a better chance of meeting up with peers. You may even want to make a list of people you want to meet with and questions you’d like to ask them if the opportunity arises.

If you want to get a jumpstart on connecting with your peers, log onto NATSO’s Facebook or Twitter page before the show starts.

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