Hire and Retain Top Employees


By Darren Bateman

For operators, reducing turn over and finding the right person to fill open positions can be a challenge. To hire the right people and set them up for success, it is important to take time during the interview process to ask the right questions and then, once the hiring is done, it is crucial to train people to properly do their jobs. The upfront investment of time can be hard, but it will help ensure the right employee is in the right position, which will benefit the business and the individual.

The interviewing process is a short window to really find out who you may be hiring and how they will perform. To make the most of the experience, operators want to ask the right questions. There is a time for yes-and-no answer questions, but it is not during the interview. You want to use this time to ask questions that are going to give you details about how a person has acted and will act again in the same situations. These questions should be geared toward characteristics and traits that you want the ideal person to have as well as tasks and situations that they will be performing and encountering.

In establishing a hiring criteria, operators can outline the key factors and personal traits that the position requires and weigh whether or not those traits more important than experience.

To get the best results, operators should consider position-specific hiring. We are always looking for people that we can promote and grow within our culture, but sometimes finding the best person for the position and rewarding those for continuously performing at that position instead of promoting them might be better for the overall business.

Once a position is filled, training is crucial to seeding the success of employees. Training starts when employees are hired and continues throughout their career with you. Investing in your employees is an investment in your business.

During The NATSO Show, I will lead the seminar “Hiring the Right People and Setting Them up for Success.” In the session, I will discuss the proper ways to advertise a position, interview candidates and get people who are motivated and eager to work into your business. I will share how you most likely have already found the best employee to come work for you and did not even realize it. In addition, I will discuss different ways to use your current employees to make your HR needs disappear.  You will learn how to develop interview questions and more importantly how to use them to find the employee that is going to help grow your business. I will also cover the basics of training, including how people learn and retain knowledge.

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