Find and Execute Your Next Great Idea


By Mindy Long

Where will your next idea come from? During the Great Ideas! Session at The NATSO Show 2013, operators collaborated with each other and find the inspiration that they hope will lead to new solutions, but turning ideas in to action isn’t always easy.

For those operators that took part in the session and headed home with a head full of ideas, Jeffrey Cufaude of Idea Architects suggested they think small and incremental to avoid feeling overwhelmed. “Break things down into doable chunks,” he said.

To help operators work through challenges associated with taking on change, Cufaude recommended operators ask themselves the following questions:

  • What seems to get in the way of you implementing things?
  • What is the biggest step forward that we can commit to right now?
  • What’s helped/inhibited making things better after you return from an event like this with all your ideas?
  • What are some ideas worth sharing?

He also recommended operators consider ways to bring their staff along in the process, reminding them that they’re different because of all they’ve experienced during The NATSO Show. “Remember when you go back to your business that you’ve been exposed to information your employees haven’t,” he said during the session. “Share with them and filter in information. Tell a story so people can see themselves in that story. Put it in the big picture.”

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Photo Credit: Jowdy Photography/NATSO

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