Tom Heinz Elected Chairman; Offers Keynote Address


Tom Heinz, president of Heinz, Inc., and Coffee Cup Fuel Stops & Convenience Stores, Inc., was elected by the NATSO Board of Directors to serve as the 2013 chairman, and during remarks made at the opening session of The NATSO Show, Heinz encouraged NATSO members to use the year to invest in themselves, their employees and their businesses.

“There is one thing Warren Buffet and I have in common and it’s not wealth,” Heinz said. “It is the belief that ‘investing in yourself provides a higher return than any other investment you can make.”

Heinz encouraged attendees to take the time to learn from all that NATSO has to offer and then share that knowledge with employees at their location and with their elected officials. “The November election means we have 97 newly elected lawmakers—13 in the Senate and 84 in the House—to meet with and share information on the importance of our industry not only to interstate commerce, but also to the nation and the communities in which we operate,” he said. “It is our duty to educate lawmakers as to the true costs that tolling and rest area commercialization will carry. Our representatives need to hear from us that in reality tolls unfairly burden drivers, who rely on the Interstate Highway System, create safety concerns and congestion on secondary roads, and have disastrous effects on businesses located on interstate routes.”

In addition, Heinz encouraged NATSO members to take advantage of learning opportunities provided on NATSO’s website and through events held throughout the year, such as the Day on the Hill event and the international study tours. Heinz said he wants the spirit of sharing that takes place at the show to last well into 2014. “I encourage you all to extend the learning and collaboration that takes place during The NATSO Show throughout the coming year. Just as we sit here today together, we need to stand together as a team, united by a common goal of improving our businesses and strengthening our industry,” he said.

Photo Credit: Jowdy Photography/NATSO

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