Capitalize on Connections Made at The NATSO Show


The NATSO Show is over, but it is never too late to capitalize on the connections you made in Savannah, Ga. Whether you reach out directly or connect online, here are four ways you can stay in touch with those you met earlier this year.

Send Some Emails: Did you return home from Savannah with a stack of business cards? Take some time today to email those you met, ask how they’re doing and if they’ve had any success with an idea

or product they uncovered at the show. Not only can you learn from their experience at the show, you can benefit from their real-world expertise now that they’ve had time to put their idea or a new product out into the field. You can also take the lead and share your success with ideas you’ve implemented.

Connect on Facebook: Whether you like a contact’s company page on Facebook or connect with someone’s personal page, Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with your peers in between those face-to-face meetings. Don’t forget to look for industry suppliers in addition to your fellow truckstop and travel plaza exhibitors.

Add Your Connections on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the place to build a professional network. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one for free at Then, search for your peers by name or look up the industry suppliers you currently use or are considering.

Pick up the Phone: In today’s day and age where electronic communication rules, sometimes you can stand out by picking up the phone and saying hello. Did you have a great conversation with a fellow operator at the show? Did you take away an amazing idea from an educational session? Consider picking up the phone to say thanks and share how the idea is working.

By staying in touch throughout the year, you’ll have a list of contacts you can turn to when you need advice or are looking to vet a new idea. You’ll also go into next year’s show with stronger connections that you can continue to build on year after year.

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