How to Prepare for Two-A-Half Days Out of the Office


Preparing to be away from work for two-and-a-half days is no small feat. To help operators prepare, we rounded up some of the best advice on the web on how to prepare to be out of the office.

6 Simple Steps To Master Productivity On The Road
Breanna Wilson asserts in a recent Fast Company article that staying productive when you’re on the road is easier than you think when you follow her simple rules of thumb. For example, she encourages business travelers to use Google Drive and other cloud-technologies such as Dropbox to store files that you need easy access to. “Save yourself time and energy by eliminating the fear of forgetting or losing crucial files when you’re on the road,” she writes.

Plan for Out of Office Time
Alyssa Gregory offers tips on how to plan for out of office time on’s Small Business Information. She says, “In the weeks leading up to the event, start getting work done ahead of time so it’s easier to disconnect for a day or two. If there are times during the conference you know you will need to be working, plan for them in advance and work them into your personal conference schedule.” She also encourages readers to assign an employee to be responsible while you are out.

Subordinates Can Step Up
Afraid to let go of the reins while you are away? Perhaps this tip from Monster Career Advice will help calm your nerves. “Remember the first time you had to make a decision while your boss was away? Without your boss as a safety net, you experienced more growth than you would have otherwise. Whether you have direct reports or are part of a cross-functional effort, you give others the opportunity to take the reins if you don’t work while you’re on vacation. This hands-off approach benefits everyone.”


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