Five Ways to Connect Before The NATSO Show

The NATSO Show 2014 is approaching quickly, but you don’t have to wait to have your feet on the ground in Nashville to start connecting with the industry suppliers and truckstop and travel plaza attendees. Here are five ways to reach out to others before The NATSO Show:

Facebook: Industry suppliers and truckstop and travel plaza operators alike are checking out The NATSO’s Show’s wall on Facebook. Stop by and say hello, connect with fellow attendees. You can also connect with your peers by liking and posting on NATSO’s wall at

Twitter: Stay up on the latest news from The NATSO Show by connecting with @NATSOShow on Twitter. Tweet to your fellow attendees and presenters to start building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. You can also use Twitter as a means to secure introductions before the show.

NATSO’s Blog: Join the conversation that occurs each day on NATSO’s blog. You can read about the latest industry issues, read what others are saying and leave your own comments.

The Telephone: Sometimes a quick phone conversation is one of the best ways to catch up with your favorite suppliers and operators. Take a few minutes to sort through the stack of business cards you collected at last year’s show and call the friends you look forward to seeing each year at the show and the suppliers you want to connect with this year.

Email: Like a phone call, an email can be a great way to say hello to friends and acquaintances ahead of the show.

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