From Going Green to Building a Brand, Paragon Solutions is Full of Ideas


Paragon Solutions, Fort Worth, Texas, is more than a retail design firm. Sure, they can design and develop a travel plaza from a bare piece of ground all the way to completion, but they can also help operators re-make certain sections of their stores, renovate to boost energy efficiency and create a solid brand.

“We can go in and develop an over reaching brand for the entire facility or branding for specific areas of the store,” said Michael Lawshe, president of Paragon Solutions.

Branding can be key for the nation’s truckstop and travel plaza operators, but all too often business owners get complacent with the messages their sending customers.

“Sometimes they’re still doing the same thing they did last year, five years ago or ten years ago. Our customers are changing and we have to change with them,” Lawshe said. “We get so consumed with our day-to-day operational challenges, that we don’t think big picture.”

Lawshe said that often times, operators avoid addressing their brand simply because they don’t know what to do. To help them get past that, Lawshe is going to sit down with operators face-to-face at The Human Library at The NATSO Show 2014.

Each year, NATSO taps into into leading industry experts for an interactive learning library for those looking to take their business to the next level. Operators can sit down with experts to create customized learning experiences they can tailor to their own objectives. To reserve a space in the library, operators need to make a reservation by contacting Kimberly Roberts at (703) 739-8573 or

Lawshe said he is looking forward to talking with operators about branding, ways to boost energy efficiency or ways to improve the design in specific areas of the location.  “We can look over the design in any profit center—whether it is the layout of the overall design or refreshing the restaurant,” he said.

Operators planning to meet with Lawshe should bring photos of the areas they plan to discuss, a copy of their overall layout design and financial statement. “A financial statement is like acres of diamonds. You can dig into it and analyze it. Then you combine that information with the physical plant to analyze the issue,” he said.

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