Test Your Country Music Trivia Knowledge


Are you getting ready to head to The NATSO Show? Before you have your feet on the ground in Music City, brush up on your country music trivia. You might even want to memorize a fact or two to impress your friends or to use as a conversation on the trade show floor. Test your knowledge with these 20 questions:

1. What was Blake Shelton’s first debut single?

2. What 2005 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee was known as the Harmonica Wizard?

3. What four Hall of Fame members made up the group “The Highwaymen?”

4. Which 1980 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee was known as “The Man In Black?”

5. What does Dierks Bently put duct tape on before he hits the stage each night?

6. What 2001 inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame was the voice of the original Dukes of Hazard and sang the theme song?

7. Which 1993 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee is known for his bandana and tennis shoes?

8. What 1999 Country Music Hall of Fame inductees real name is Harold Jenkins?

9. Who is the 1988 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee who was born in Butcher Holler, Kentucky?

10. Which 1992 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee had his first chart record in 1955 and was still performing 50 years later?

11. What was the Dixie Chick’s first album?

12. Which former Beatle had a hit duet with Buck Owens?

13. Who was the first country artist to sell over 10 million copies of an album?

14. In Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me,” her mother cut out pictures of houses from which magazine?

15. What was the name of the song Taylor Swift wrote a song about her mother?

16. What mother/daughter duo won 5 Grammys, including one in 1992 for Country Song of the Year with “Love Can Build a Bridge?”

17. How many children do Martina and John McBride currently have?

18. Vince Gill won a Grammy Award for Best Country Album in 2008. What was the name of the album?

19. Who had a number one U.S. Country Billboard hit in February of 2000 with the song, “Cowboy Take Me Away”?

20. The music duo Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are known as?



1. Austin

2. DeFord Bailey

3. Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson

4. Johnny Cash

5. His old boots

6. Waylon Jennings

7. Willie Nelson

8. Conway Twitty

9. Loretta Lynn

10. George Jones

11. Thank Heavens for Dale Evans

12. Ringo Starr

13. Garth Brooks

14. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

15. The Best Day

16. Wynona and Naomi Judd

17. Three

18. These Days

19. The Dixie Chicks

20. Sugarland

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