Exhibitors: Four Things Attendees Wish You Knew



  1. The NATSO Show is about relationship building. “They’re going to networking, getting exposure and building relationships. Sales may not always happen on the show floor, but they are making contacts and sales can always happen later,” said Bill Vollenweider, Detroiter Travel Center.
  2. They’d like help connecting your face to your name. “There are people in the industry who I’ve talked to for years, but I’ve never seen their face. It isn’t until I see their nametag that I realize I know them. If I had a picture and knew what someone looked like, I could go and seek that person out,” said Corey Berkstresser, Lee Hi Travel Plaza
  3. Provide solid information. “They need to capture your attention with the booth first, otherwise you’re going to walk by and keep going. It is great when they can demonstrate products you need to see to understand. They also need to be naturally informative in the handouts,” said Mark Russell, Russell’s Travel Center
  4. Don’t be afraid to follow up. “When you go away on business, you see great items, but it is overload. Then when you get back you’re over inundated with the business of the day and you don’t always follow up. If I told them I would get back to them, I meant it when I said it, but when I got back I had all of the business of the past five days that demanded attention. Follow ups are welcome,” said Corey Berkstresser, Lee Hi Travel Plaza

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