Be Open to Inspiration at the Great Ideas! Conference


Where do great ideas come from? The answer is anywhere. At The NATSO Show, inspiration may strike during a lunch conversation, an educational session or a keynote address. While you may find your next great idea anywhere, independent operators will focus specifically on great ideas during The Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop.

To make the most of the workshop, those attending should come ready to share and to be inspired.

  1. How can you prepare for the workshop? Before and during the workshop, collect insights and thoughts that interest you. Insights are the raw materials that eventually become ideas. You glean insights by tapping into your intuition and taking time to observe and understand certain aspects of your business. Listen to staff and customers when they comment, criticize or offer suggestions. Seek out ideas people. During The NATSO Show, make it a point to connect with your peers, suppliers and industry experts that may have great insights to share. Be open to intuition by being open to your surroundings.
  2. Convert insights into ideas. Great ideas are often the combination of multiple insights. When a certain insight surprises or interests you, take note. Listen to others’ insights and think about how you can combine them with yours. Then be open to letting insights merge and mix.
  3. Support and respect ideas and insights that are shared and generated during the workshop. The supportive environment within the Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop is part of what makes it so successful. During the session, be willing to share your thoughts. When you share your ideas generously with others, they’ll be more likely to share with you.
  4. Capture your ideas. When a great idea hits, write it down. Bring a notebook and pen to the session and take notes. When the workshop is over, keep it handy and keep adding to it. You never know when ideas will strike.
  5. Commit to finding and pursuing at least one great idea. After the session, look at your top ideas that are important to you. Be realistic about the challenges associated with each and how you could manage those issues. Then, select the top idea you want to tackle. Turn that idea into action. Define the steps needed to implement the idea and get started.

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