Get Independent Operators Success Secrets Early


On Tuesday, January 28 at 4:oo p.m., several successful operators will share their Independent Operator Success Stories. During their session they will share:

  • the new programs they’ve instituted;
  • the ways they’ve cut cost; and
  • and the services they’ve added that have help their locations succeed.

To help get a taste of what they will offer, we asked a few of the panelists to describe some special things about the ways their location handles its daily routine and management tasks that other locations may not have considered. Read their great ideas below.

“First, as a company we have really focused on our labor. We have the managers write their schedules and then present them to senior management for review.

The managers are to write their schedules first, with a dollar budget and then with a number of hours required to handle the scheduled weeks business.

The more important of these two is the hours used and holding the manager accountable for not exceeding those hours. We have tied this to their bonuses. The reason for the importance of this is that we found that going unchecked, employees will stretch their shift out a quarter hour here, a quarter hour there and before you know it, you have several extra quarter hours that could have been avoided. Here is an example. If two staff members extend their shift a quarter hour per day and they make $10.00 per hour, it works out to $35.00 per week and $1820.00 per year per profit center.

We first got the managers buy-in on the number of hours needed to efficiently run the profit center for a given week for the whole year. Once this was determined and the managers bought in, there is no reason for deviation unless there is a dramatic change in the business climate.”
– Damon Borden, Broadway Truck Stops

“We’ve found success with vendor report cards. This is a short five question survey given to the property manager to rate the performance of the 50+ vendors that service our properties.

This gives us a tool to utilize when I meet with vendors to discuss their performance in the field.

This is a sure fire way to get “what’s really happening out there”.  This has been a very useful tool and has changed the behaviors of some of our vendors.”
– Herb Hargraves, III, Cash Magic

Professional speakers have a lot of good knowledge to share, but oftentimes the best ideas come from fellow travel plaza and truckstop operators. Be sure to attend this interactive workshop centered on operators sharing their great ideas.

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