What to Pack for The NATSO Show


Part of enjoying your time at a trade show means bringing the right items from home. Here are ten things you should have in your suitcase before you embark on your trip to The NATSO Show 2014.

  1. A business casual wardrobe: You want to be comfortable and professional, so The NATSO Show has a business casual atmosphere. Check the weather before you pack at www.weather.com, but remember, sometimes conference rooms can be chilly.
  2. Comfortable shoes: You’ll log quite a few steps during the trade show, so bring shoes that will let you go the distance.
  3. Business cards: During The NATSO Show, you’ll meet a lot of great contacts and you’ll want to exchange information.  Exchanging cards is a great way to secure the contact information of those you want to keep in touch with and sharing your information so they will remember you. Be sure to bring plenty.
  4. Camera: Bringing a camera will let you snap pictures of hot new products you’re interested in and capture memories with your peers.
  5. Notebook and pen: Great ideas abound at The NATSO Show, and you’ll want to be able to write them down.
  6. Your ‘to meet’ list: Before the show, take time to jot down the industry experts, fellow operators and exhibitors you want to meet with during the show. A targeted list will help you focus your networking efforts during the show.
  7.  A shopping list: Talk to your front-line employees at the location to find out their thoughts on the new products and services you should add. Then, use the list to guide your interactions on the show floor.
  8. Self-addressed, stamped postcards: To keep the inspiration coming after you get home, take time to jot down your favorite ideas on postcards, then drop them in the mail while you’re still in Nashville. After you get home, they will help you remember the things you wanted to act on. You can also pin them up in your office as friendly reminders what needs to be done.
  9.  A list of great ideas: During the Great Ideas! Conference for Independent Operators, operators will be encouraged to share their own great ideas and could win a $500 prize.
  10. Empty space: Remember to leave some room in your suitcase so you can bring home brochures, samples and other goodies you pick up during your trip.

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