Independent Operators Share New Successful Programs


In January at The NATSO Show 2014, several successful operators shared their Independent Operator Success Stories. During their session they shared the new programs they’ve instituted, the ways they’ve cut cost, and the services they’ve added that have help their locations succeed.

They didn’t just share they great ideas at the show though. They’ve also shared their great ideas with The NATSO Show magazine. They shared their secrets earlier in the year and are back today with a few more great ideas.

“We have a success story in our stores. Up here in the Northwest, craft/micro brews are booming. We have set one of our beer doors in each store to sell area specific micro beers. Most of the micros are from the towns we are in and we can talk to the customer about the history and the type of beer it is. We are considering moving this to the next step of a growler bar for off premise consumption.”
– Damon Borden, Broadway Truck Stops

“Signing blended contracts, such as a “non-exclusive” contract with soda vendors is a program we’ve successfully added.  This gives you the ability to market to all customers and reaping the rewards of a rebate/off-invoice savings from both vendors.

Also, we’ve added e-cigarettes by partnering with the vendor for a launch of a particular brand, offering them space on the counter, counter mat, door signage for a set period of time and taking advantage of the rebates/placement bonus. Once the trial period is up and customers know you have the product, place in the behind the counter multi-merchandiser supplied by the e-cig vendor.”
– Herb Hargraves, III, Cash Magic


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