How Employees Steal & How to Minimize It

By Darren Schulte Depending on what article you read, between 65 percent and 80 percent of your shrink is employee related. Some experts believe the number is higher than 90 percent. Shrink is the profit losses your store experiences due to theft. Shrink loss is made up of employee theft, vendor theft, customer theft and Read more about How Employees Steal & How to Minimize It[…]

Hire And Keep A Players

By Ann Rhoades When a company is clear about its values, hiring only ‘A’ Players need not be an overwhelming task. A Players are the people who genuinely live your company’s values, every day. They’re not always the high-flying world beaters, and they don’t even have to be part of your leadership team. They could Read more about Hire And Keep A Players[…]

6 Reasons to Stay at the Westin Savannah

The official host hotel for The NATSO Show 2013 is the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa. If being right next door to the majority of the events for The NATSO Show cheap jerseys is not reason enough to book a room at the cheap nba jerseys hotel, Lighting, here are six excellent reasons to Read more about 6 Reasons to Stay at the Westin Savannah[…]

Network and Connect at The NATSO Show

The NATSO Show is the perfect place to Registration meet people and spark new ideas. Conversations can lead to new opportunities and provide resources that you can turn to year after year. Sean Flynn, Flynn’s Truck Plaza, told The NATSO Show Magazine nearly everyone he knows in the industry has been either someone he met at The Read more about Network and Connect at The NATSO Show[…]

LED Lighting, Energy Contests & More

Every year at The NATSO Show, attendees gather to connect with their peers to share their best ideas. These ideas, often shared operator to are operator, You are often implemented as soon as attendees return from the conference and make a direct impact on their bottom line. At NATSO, we affectionately call these implementable solutions “Great Ideas.” Read more about LED Lighting, Energy Contests & More[…]

Registration is Open

Exciting news! Registration for The NATSO Show is officially cheap nba jerseys open! The NATSO Show Advisory Council is Door hard wholesale mlb jerseys at work crafting this year’s experience. New speakers, vendors cheap jerseys and networking opportunities will be added here weekly. recruitment In the meantime, go invest in your truckstop Hi! and travel Read more about Registration is Open[…]