December 19, 2011

Future Leaders at The NATSO Show

A dynamic group of NATSO members has created a program for people who are future leaders in the travel plaza industry. The program aims to connect these people with the resources and opportunities to become successful leaders within their operation and within the industry’s association, NATSO.

Who is a Future Leader?
Age or number of years in the industry doesn’t define a future leader, what does is a desire to develop as a successful leader within your operation and within NATSO. Examples of future leaders include those who are in the process of taking over their family’s business, are general managers serving as the right-hand for an industry veteran or are new to the industry altogether. Still not sure if you fit the bill? Email Darren Schulte at

Like last year, we’ve created education and networking specifically tailored for future leaders! If you are new to your location, the industry or leadership, The NATSO Show offers two TRAINING-FOCUSED sessions especially for you.

Future Leader’s Focused Education Sessions

Power of Business Relationships
Tues., February 17, 7:00 a.m. – 7:50 a.m.
Speaker: Thom Singer
Latour Ballroom 6

Building your network of professional contacts is important, especially for future leaders, and The NATSO Show is arguably the best place to do it. Expanding on last year’s popular session, presenter Thom Singer will offer insight into how you can best position yourself for networking success not only with fellow industry members, but also with clients, prospects and other people in your business community. After the session, you will be well on your way to improving your networking skills and understanding how networking effectively can enrich you personally as well as increase the profitability of your operations.

Profits Plus Solutions, What Floats to the Top in Your Workday?
Wed., February 18, 7:00 a.m. – 7:50 a.m.
Speaker: Tom Shay
Latour Ballroom 6

As management, do you often find yourself after a long day with a list of important tasks yet to be completed? Small retail business expert Tom Shay argues that it is not an issue of time management but rather of having an understanding of what needs to be observed, reported, managed and changed. In this session, Shay will teach attendees what type of responsibilities leaders should prioritize in their management day that will increase profits and build the business for the future. He will also share what metrics small business owners need to track to really impact profitability.

More for Future Leaders at The NATSO Show:

Join Current and Future Leaders at the NATSO and NATSO Foundation Board Meetings: Want to grow as a leader? Then watch other leaders in action. Sit in the “Future Leaders” section and listen as NATSO’s leaders discuss key industry topics. NATSO Foundation Board: Sun., 3 – 5pm, NATSO Board: Mon., 10:30am – 1:30pm; Latour Ballroom 1 & 4

Look for People with Bright Green “NATSO Next” Ribbons at Kick-Off, Receptions and More: Walk up to anyone wearing a “NATSO Next” ribbon, and you’ll find a Future Leader who wants to meet you. (Make networking even easier! Pick-up a NATSO Next ribbon of your own at registration.) Registration Desk 3

Have Coffee with the Keynotes: Not comfortable standing up in front of 300 people to ask a keynote speaker a question? Then attend the Future Leaders trainings. At the start of Tuesday’s training, Seth Goldman President and CEO of Honest Tea will share coffee and ideas in a smaller group setting, and on Wednesday Bob Costello SVP and Chief Economist of American Trucking Associations will follow suit. Tues. and Wed., 7 – 7:50 am, Latour Ballroom 6 & 7

Sit at the Future Leaders & Past Chairs tables at the keynote lunches: Sometimes you wish you could pick the brains of leaders who’ve “been there and done that.” Here’s your chance. At the keynote lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday, sit at designated tables and connect with operators who have led the association. Tues. and Wed, 12 – 1:30pm, Lafite Ballroom, Center Stage

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