November 20, 2013

Guided Exhibit Hall Tours

For the first time The NATSO Show is offering guided tours of the exhibit hall.

A big exhibit hall can be intimidating, but a guided tour will help attendees see the vendors of particular interest while learning from the questions asked by their peers.

Sign up in advance to take a guided tour of the vendors providing products and services on a certain topic.

Guidelines for Tours

1. Tour Options
Stay tuned! Tour options will be announced soon.

2. What a Tour Involves
A volunteer will take attendees on a tour of the exhibit hall stopping for five minutes member at each of the vendors that offer the product or service of the tour’s category. If you’ve signed up for a tour, please report to the NATSO booth at the designated time.

3. How to Sign Up
To guarantee your spot on a tour, reserve a spot in advance by contacting Kimberly Roberts at (703) 739 – 8563 or

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