January 16, 2012

Exhibitor Marketing Guide

Perhaps the most important fact about exhibiting at trade shows is that successful trade show experiences require targeted, effective pre-show marketing and promotions! You cannot just show up and expect attendees to run to your booth. This exhibitor marketing guide includes some of the many ways NATSO can support your marketing efforts.

Official NATSO Show Logo

The NATSO Show 2014 logo is a great way to showcase your participation at The NATSO Show to your customers. Use the logo often throughout your promotional and general company materials.

For example, you can include the logo on your pre-show mailers with your booth number or add the logo to your advertisements, letterhead and email signatures. Or add the logo to your website with a link to www.natsoshow.org.

Three options are below. If you have trouble saving the logo, please contact Amy Toner at atoner@natso.com or (703) 739-8570.

2014-logo TheNATSOShowExhibitors TheNATSOShowSponsors


Show Specials and New Products

If you are looking for a good way to maximize exposure for your products and generate new sales leads — this is it! The Show Specials and New Products listings provide an additional opportunity for exhibitors to gain more exposure for their products. Submit your show specials and new products by Nov. 22 for inclusion in the Official Show Guide. For a show specials and new products form, email Susan Taylor at staylor@natso.com.

If you miss the deadline to submit a show special or new product for listing in the Official Show Guide, they will be updated after the deadline on The NATSO Show website. To submit your listing, email Susan Taylor at staylor@natso.com.


Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail campaigns are proven promotional tactics that can help put your organization top-of-mind among show attendees. Using the NATSO member list, provided by NATSO, and your current list of customers and contacts, send a series of postcards or letters inviting customers and prospects to your booth. Such campaigns are also perfect opportunities to promote registration to those that have not yet registered. Be sure all mailings prominently display your organization’s name, chief product(s), and booth number. Also personalize the mailing to make sure your reach the best prospects for your product.

To receive a copy of NATSO’s member list, contact Susan Taylor at staylor@natso.com.


Electronic Marketing

Your organization’s website, email contact information and email distribution tools can be highly effective means of promoting your booth and products. Display The NATSO Show logo on the home page of your website and link to a press release or statement about your booth, products, and/or exciting news about your organization. By doing so, you will entice prospective customers to visit your booth. Encourage advance registration through email blasts — you can increase traffic to your booth by simply helping customers register for The NATSO Show.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring an event at The NATSO Show 2014 is a creative way to show your commitment to the truckstop and travel plaza industry while building your brand recognition. To view sponsorship availability click here or contact Pamela Hayes at phayes@natso.com or (703) 739-8565.


Sponsor the NATSO Foundation Fundraiser

The NATSO Foundation Fundraiser is a chance to be a part of a worthy cause while having a great time at a Nashville institution. Sponsors and their guests will enjoy a music, food and fun while raising funds to support the NATSO Foundation’s multi-year program of work.

The NATSO Foundation Fundraiser offers ten sponsorships at the $10,000 level. Contact Pamela Hayes at phayes@natso.com or (703) 739-8565 for more information.


Press Releases

A highly effective way to gain valuable pre-show publicity is to issue press releases to trade publications. Industry trade publications are always looking for new product and service information. Your press releases can alert thousands of potential buyers about your company’s exhibits, location at the show, product lines, and new products in the pipeline. To increase likelihood that your release will be “picked up” by a trade publication, write and prepare your release as a reporter would write a story, namely by including the item of interest and why it is interesting, as well as predicted impact and a contact person.

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