Protect Your Family’s Future with Succession Planning

For private business owners, particularly family-owned businesses, succession planning should be a top concern. Two out of three family businesses fail to survive from the first generation to the second and only 15 percent survive from a second to a third. The problem is, many companies either don’t have a plan or they have a Read more about Protect Your Family’s Future with Succession Planning[…]

Top Two Reasons Business Succession Fails

By Lee Resnick, Resnick Associates The most critical action a business owner can take to assure the continuation of a business is implementing quality estate and succession planning. Although this may appear to be a rather simplistic task, the primary reasons that business owners and their families ultimately either lose their business or end up Read more about Top Two Reasons Business Succession Fails[…]

Find and Keep Top Employees Through the Power of Observation

Hiring the right candidates for the right positions can be one of the most difficult aspects for any business, but finding your next top employee can be as simple as paying attention to the great service you receive then striking up a conversation with that person. Human resource expert Darren Bateman said business owners come Read more about Find and Keep Top Employees Through the Power of Observation[…]

Good People Equal Good Retail

During The NATSO Show 2013, human resources expert Michelle Fenton reminded operators that great organizations capitalize on their people. “The only thing that makes me stop with you instead of your competitor 20 miles down the road is because of the people who are inside of your business,” Fenton said. “People are going to stop Read more about Good People Equal Good Retail[…]

Fundamental Leadership Skill: Facilitation

Do you believe that the people you manage are full of potential? More importantly, do you know how to draw out their great ideas?  Jeffrey Cufaude of Idea Architects knows how. Cufaude has prepared a video for The NATSO Show Magazine that provides techniques for engaging other people’s best contributions. Watch the video below and learn how to lead Read more about Fundamental Leadership Skill: Facilitation[…]

Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

By Klaus Kokott, Partner, Kokott, Wood & Associates, Inc. Whether you’re a candidate or client, choosing the right recruiter and firm is one of the most critical steps in the job seeking or placement process. With literally thousands of firms to choose from, making the best choice can be a daunting task. In many respects, Read more about Questions to Ask Your Recruiter[…]