Reduce Shrink with These Tips

For truckstop and travel plaza operators, theft within their locations is inevitable. Even worse, the greatest losses come from employees and vendors. However, Darren Schulte, NATSO’s vice president of membership, said operators can take steps to minimize theft and prevent losses. Schulte shared his insights on shrink loss prevention at The NATSO Show in Savannah, Read more about Reduce Shrink with These Tips[…]

How Employees Steal & How to Minimize It

By Darren Schulte Depending on what article you read, between 65 percent and 80 percent of your shrink is employee related. Some experts believe the number is higher than 90 percent. Shrink is the profit losses your store experiences due to theft. Shrink loss is made up of employee theft, vendor theft, customer theft and Read more about How Employees Steal & How to Minimize It[…]